Our Adventure to Whoota Whoota Lookout

On a recent camping weekend at Sandbar Caravan Park we decided on a trip to Whoota Whoota Lookout.  

Whoota Whoota Lookout is in the Wallingat National Park around 40 kilometres south of Forster, NSW.

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We set out from Sandbar (following the GPS) and turned right on The Lakes Way and then shortly after turned left onto Coomba Road heading towards Coomba Park.  This didn’t seem to the be the best way to get to the Lookout but nonetheless we continued.  The GPS told us to turn left into Freshwater Trail?! which was a rather small dirt track… with Justin being the adventurer he is and always keen to get off the tarmac, that’s the way we went!  

We were happily bumping along a 4wd track to Whoota Whoota Lookout and stopped to check the depth of a water hole in front.  All was good, so off we went again only to hear what sounded like a stick under the guard. We stopped and I jumped out to remove it…. but it wasn’t a stick – we had driven over a screwdriver and this was the result….  

We carry a tyre repair kit with us so Justin quickly fixed the problem and we were back on the way to the lookout.

We eventually came to a T-intersection and turned left onto Whoota Lookout Road and after around 1 km we arrived at Whoota Whoota Lookout to stunning views of the Great Lakes area.

Just because you never go back home the same way you came, we set forth down Whoota Lookout Road and onto Sugar Creek Road which led us back to The Lakes Way. 

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