We’re on the road… our epic 12 months exploring Oz has started! We are off to turn our dreams into reality!!

We locked up our house for the last time and our beautiful neighbours were all there to wave us off and wish us well before we started our journey south.

We are booked on a night sail to Tasmania on Saturday so we have a few days up our sleeve to slowly make our way to Melbourne.

For our first stop, we pulled up in Yass at Joe O’Connor Park, a beautiful free camp on the Yass River.

As we sit here tonight on our first night, we are happy that we committed to pulling this together and can’t wait to see what the next 12 months have in store for us!!


After a peaceful night stay in Yass, we continued further south.

The weather has been a little on the miserable side with drizzly rain most of the day so it kept us contained to the van for our lunch stop at Holbrook, luckily we had been through here on a previous trip and had a look around.

After lunch, we crossed over the border into Victoria and parked up in Benalla for the night at Jaycee Island Campground, a free camp just behind the main street, so a very central location for exploring the town.


This morning after the rain had cleared we went on a 5km wander around the Lake Benalla Walking Trail. The walk takes in some of the sights around town and you can stop off at the Botanic Gardens and there are a few playgrounds along the way. There is a great free splash park in town too, although the weather wasn’t quite warm enough for the kids to want to pop their swimmers on!

Benalla is well known in this region for its abundance of street art. There are over 70 pieces of artwork scattered around the town so a wander through the streets is a must if you are visiting. Below is a selection of our favourites.

The last thing on our agenda today was to get FOUR negative Rapid Antigen Tests!!! And, thankfully, none of us have COVID so off to Tassie we go tomorrow!


A leisurely start to the day today as we only have just over a 2 hour drive to get us to the Spirit of Tasmania Terminal and boarding doesn’t commence until 5.00 pm.

We found a park relatively close to the Terminal and waited for the time to tick over so we could start the boarding process.

We are so excited to be heading back to Tasmania again! After our last visit four years ago, we knew we wanted to spend some more time there to see things we missed the first time around.

The boarding process is quite quick and very streamlined, it’s just a matter of security checking fridges to ensure we have no prohibited items with us, gas bottles get tagged and our tickets to our cabins are issued. We have only ever been on the night sail and we get a cabin so we can sleep the trip away!

We parked the car where directed and grabbed our overnight bags (you cannot access your car once sailing has commenced) and headed up to our cabin. There are different options for cabins, ours had bunk beds, an ensuite and single porthole.

There are a few options onboard for dinner and plenty of other things to keep you amused – cinemas, games room, bars!!

Fingers crossed for a calm sail… the forecast seems ok so hopefully, we have a decent night’s sleep!


To be continued…