I don’t think it matters how many road trips you have been on, the thought of putting the kids in the car for a whole day probably makes you cringe a little!  Our kids have been travelling since they were babies, so have been on many a road trip, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy it every single time!

Here’s some tips that work for us!


Try to stop every 2 hours (this will depend on the age of your kids of course).

Stop at a playground or park so the kids can get rid of their energy.  We find our kids travel better knowing they are going to be stopping at a playground soon! 

** TIP:  Get the Playground Finder App on your phone!!  This app lists playground locations in each town.  The app is updated by the general public so the more interactive you are the better for everyone.  You can add new playground listings, comments and pictures. 

** TIP:  We try to avoid stopping at cafes or fast food outlets.  Our tip is to make lunch when you pull up, find a picnic table and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!  The kids can run around while you make lunch and they are not couped up, sitting down again, at a café table.


Food is so important on a road trip!  It will get you that extra 30kms up the road.  As much as we try to pack healthy snacks, we do have the lolly jar for that much needed sugar fix!


We have always had DVD players in the back of the car for the kids.  They each pick their favourite DVD’s to take and they do a great job keeping them amused. 

** TIP:  We generally buy a couple of new DVD’s before a trip which they get excited about and they tend to be on repeat quite a bit!

** TIP:  Make sure you get headphones with the DVD players that way the whole car doesn’t have to listen to the chipmunks or minion talk!


You can borrow audio books online from your local Library and download them onto your iPad and the kids can listen to them with their earphones! Fantastic for kids that get car sick as they don’t have to read, they just look out the window and listen to the story!


Singing along to music is something kids LOVE to do!  We have the standard kiddy CD’s in the car that we have listened to so much that we all know the words extremely well!  For occasions when we want to listen to our own music, Spotify comes in very handy!  We have downloaded Spotify onto our iPad’s so the kids can listen to music offline when travelling, with their headphones!


A good game of Spotto or I Spy always passes the time too.  We have lots of other ideas and FREE printable games here for you to download!!

If you are lucky they might even go to sleep for a bit of the trip 😉

How do you keep the kids entertained in the car?  Share your tips below!!

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