Top Attractions in Bendigo, VICTORIA

Bendigo is a two hour drive from Melbourne and is Victoria’s fourth largest city. There is so much to see and do in Bendigo and it is full of history from the gold rush days. You will love wandering around this city taking in the sights, particularly the gorgeous historic buildings that line the streets.

Bendigo has some great attractions to visit and the ones we went to were all very family friendly!

The Visitor Information Centre was very helpful and provided us with information and brochures on attractions in the area.

There are package deals available for some of the attractions and will save you money if you are going to visit more than one.



Bendigo Pottery was established in 1858 and is Australia’s oldest working pottery. Inside you can watch potters at work, wander through the Antiques and Collectables Centre and Museum, buy some tableware at the Pottery Shop or have a bite to eat at the onsite Cafe.

Our kids also had a fantastic hands on experience on the pottery wheel (adults can do this too). For $20 each they were able to make three items. You can have any of them fired in the kiln at an additional cost and we chose to have one of their masterpieces done and they then post it once this process has been completed.

Here’s a video of their lesson.


The Talking Tram takes you on a journey through the streets of Bendigo and tells stories of the town’s past.

You can get on and off the tram at any of the six stops to explore more of what Bendigo has to offer. 


The mine has several tours available and we booked the Mine Experience Tour.  This was a 75 minute informative tour that takes you 61 metres underground.

There is also an outdoor museum with old buildings and equipment that was used when the mine was operational to wander through.


The JOSS HOUSE TEMPLE is a Chinese place of worship and was opened in 1871.

Inside you can discover all about the Chinese beliefs and the story behind their search for gold in the area.


WOW!!!! If you are travelling through Bendigo you have to check this place out!

48 years worth of work has gone into making this fascinating, quirky and mind boggling experience!

There are over 180 interactive buttons, levers and things to push and pull!!

$20 per family for a self guided tour and you can stay as long as you wish…

Fun for all ages!

Here’s a clip of what’s inside!

We thoroughly enjoyed our four day visit to Bendigo and recommend you take a visit and explore this great city for yourself!

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