DAY 14

We continued east and arrived on the Tasman Peninsula. We pulled up at Sunset Holiday Beach Spot, just south of Dunalley, for a few days. We stayed here on our last trip and it’s such a great base to explore the area, so we were keen to visit again.

In the afternoon we had a drive around the top part of the peninsula and explored the Officers’ Quarters Museum at Eaglehawk Neck and delved into the history of the Port Arthur prison and how the peninsula was patrolled in the early days.

The Tessellated Pavement, Tasman Blowhole, Tasman Arch, Fossil Bay Lookout, and Devil’s Kitchen Lookout are all worth a stop and are only a short drive from Eaglehawk Neck.

DAY 15

Today we headed to PORT ARTHUR for the day. You really need to put aside a full day to get the benefit of all there is to see. It is such a fascinating place to visit with so much to learn and explore!

This site was much more than just a prison and after a day wandering through the historic buildings and ruins you get an understanding of what it was like in the 1800s. A must see if you are coming to Tasmania – this was our second visit and we enjoyed it just as much as the first. We probably took more knowledge away today having been before.

DAY 16

Following on from Port Arthur yesterday, we visited the COAL MINES HISTORIC SITE today. The coal mines settlement was a punishment station for Port Arthur where repeat offenders “the worst of the worst” were sent! Today, you can wander through the ruins of the old building and cells and there are information boards along the way that share the convict/mining history of the site. ** Don’t miss Plunkett Point, you can get down to the water, it’s stunning!

Cape Raoul sits at the southwestern side of the peninsula and we were keen to hike to CAPE RAOUL LOOKOUT and SHIPSTERNS BLUFF LOOKOUT after seeing some pretty spectacular pictures.

The views at the end of this hike (6km return) are worth every single step!!! It’s a steady 2km hike up to the fork where you head left to Cape Raoul Lookout or right to Shipsterns Bluff Lookout. We suggest you do both but Cape Raoul was our favourite! We couldn’t have picked a better day to do this… the ocean was so calm, it was absolutely gorgeous!


To be continued…