SILKY BIGBOY HAND SAW [Product Recommendation]

I must admit when this turned up in the post I did roll my eyes and think …oh another gadget!  But, I was actually really surprised at how good it worked, so had to take back my thoughts!!

We have a chainsaw and always have it in the van and it does gets a lot of use, however, the Silky Bigboy comes in handy when you’ve got smaller wood to cut.


The Silky Bigboy is a folding hand saw. Suitable for cutting small wood for the fire pit or a great tool for those jobs around the yard at home!

Check out our video below for a demonstration of the Silky Saw in action!

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When folded the Silky is a compact 400mm, the blade length is 360mm and it only weighs 500 grams.


We purchased our Silky Saw from Drifta for $79.00.

Drifta have several other Silky Saw products available – depending on your intended use.


This has been a great addition to our camping gear. Great quality, it’s extremely sharp, lightweight and compact to store – we highly recommend!

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(** We are not affiliated with this product, we just use it and like it!)

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