SHIPWRECK WALK | Stockton Breakwall NSW

With a concrete pathway stretching from the bridge to the end of the breakwall, Stockton is a great place to get out and enjoy some fresh air with beautiful water views!

From Stockton Breakwall you can take in the views of Stockton Beach, look back across the harbour to the City of Newcastle and quite often watch the tugs work as they bring the big ships into the port.

Shipwreck Walk is a 2km return pathway along the Stockton Breakwall.  Named Shipwreck Walk due to many ships coming to grief in the 19th and early 20th century.


The Adolphe was a sailing ship that came to grief at the mouth of the Hunter River in Newcastle (NSW) in 1904 and can be seen when you wander along the Breakwall.

Two tugs were bringing the ship into the harbour when rough seas caused the line of one of the tugs to break loose. The other tug was not able to hold her and she ran aground and quickly filled with water…

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