DAY 77 – 79

We left the Yorke today and headed to Gawler for a few days as the Land Cruiser is booked in for a service before we continue further north. The kids knuckled down and got through some school work and we had some general shopping and things to attend to in Gawler while we waited out our time.

The service was completed and the car decided it needed a new part and the mechanic couldn’t get this until at least Monday. We couldn’t extend our stay in Gawler as they were fully booked so we phoned the Showground in Adelaide and were able to secure another five days there.

DAY 80

None of us were overly sad about returning to Adelaide. We had really enjoyed our time here a few weeks ago and it gave us some more time to explore the city.

It was only a short 40 minutes from Gawler so we were back in the city before we knew it and in plenty of time for a beautiful afternoon walk through Veale Gardens.

DAY 81 – 84

We spent the next few days exploring more attractions around Adelaide that we missed the first time around.

We wandered through the South Australian Museum and it was much bigger than we first expected, there are lots of exhibits on display and many levels to the museum.

We also visited the State Library of South Australia. Three buildings have joined to create the present day library. The Spence Wing, with its impressive glass front, houses the modern library collection. The old Institute Building has rotating exhibits and the stunning Mortock Wing steps you back in time with hundreds of ancient books and plenty of South Australian history to explore.

We were particularly going to view the Mortlock Wing and WOW, what an incredible place! It was opened on 18 December 1884 and is an amazingly beautiful place to visit!

On Saturday night, the AFL happened to be on at the Adelaide Oval, so we bought some tickets and had a great night watching Port Adelaide and Hawthorn battle it out!

MOD – Museum of Discovery. The museum theme changes annually and at the moment the displays are all based around “Invisibility”.

INVISIBILITY is everywhere. It’s the people we don’t notice, the environmental changes we can’t see, and the algorithms working hard behind the scenes. What becomes visible when we start paying attention?

This was really interesting and very relevant to the way we use technology.

To be continued…