This trip didn’t have the best start! 

Around 40 minutes from home, Justin had some concerns about the Land Cruiser getting hot!!  We pulled off the freeway and he jumped out to investigate.  All seemed fine, nothing out of the ordinary, so we set off again.  Things weren’t getting any better as we continued, the temp kept climbing at every slight incline we came to.  The 34 degree outside temp certainly wasn’t helping our cause either!

We arrived at Moss Vale for the night and again Justin was under the bonnet trying to work out the issues.  The only thing that came to mind was that maybe the after-market radiator that he had fitted prior to our trip wasn’t do its job properly.  We decided that we needed to find another radiator – a genuine Toyota one this time! 

Any other trip we would have turned around, gone home, fixed the issues and continued a couple of days later.  But this trip was different, we had a big boat to catch on Sunday night, so we needed to get to Melbourne! 

Many phone calls were made on Saturday morning to every Toyota Dealer that would answer the phone between Sydney and Melbourne, but no one could get us a radiator until Monday – this was too late, we would (hopefully) be in Tasmania by 6am Monday morning. 

We had no choice but to continue our trip south…slowly! 

You don’t realise how many hills are between Sydney and Melbourne until you can’t go up them!!  It was another hot day so we were resorting to turning off the air con at the bottom of most hills to give the poor car as much as she needed to get up the hill…. 

On the way we made a phone call to Devonport Toyota and they were able to get a radiator on a flight for us first thing Monday which meant we could pick up on Tuesday morning – all we had to do now was get to the boat!!!!!!

We got to the boat with the dodgy radiator with a HUGE sigh of relief – it was a very stressful trip!

On arriving in Tasmania, we found a camp site at Ulverstone which wasn’t too far from Devonport, to wait for the radiator.  The car was fine when we weren’t towing, it just couldn’t cope with the van on.

Tuesday morning came, and we had the new radiator in our possession and were hopeful that this would solve our problem.

We were very fortunate with the place we were staying at as the owner was very generous and let Justin use his carport/shed to change the radiator.

As soon as Justin pulled the genuine radiator out of the box he was very relieved! The new Toyota radiator had 100 tubes – the old one only had 70 tubes, so just not enough to cool the Cruiser down.

Happy to say this fixed our problem and the car was running like a dream again. Thankfully, as Tassie had some bloody big hills to pull the van up!

THE LESSON:  only buy genuine parts!!!