DAY 99

Today we left Coober Pedy and headed north to cross the border into Northern Territory!!

This is our first visit to the NT and we are so excited to start exploring and seeing all it has to offer!

Just over the border is Kulgera Roadhouse and we pulled up here for a quick overnight stop before heading to Alice Springs.

DAY 100

We don’t tend to book or plan ahead too much when we travel so when we called Uluru to see if we could book a site they didn’t have anything available for a week and a half so we decided to head to Alice Springs first for a few days and then make our way to Uluru via the West Macdonnell Ranges. This worked in our favour as the weather was high 30s while in Alice Springs and was due to cool off by the time we set off to Uluru – making walking in the West Macs and Uluru much more pleasant!

We easily got a site at G’Day Mate Tourist Park in Alice and had a great stay here over the Easter period. The owners are very accommodating and the park had a really friendly vibe and the pool was amazing to cool off in every afternoon!

DAY 100 – 103

We were lucky enough to time our visit to Alice Springs with PARRTJIMA! This is an annual free light festival that runs for 10 nights showcasing light displays from aboriginal artists. We were really impressed with this event!

We also visited the National Road Transport Hall of Fame and wandering through the huge display of trucks and associated history.


To be continued…