Mount Yacaaba Walking Track


Location: Hawks Nest, NSW (Myall Lakes National Park)
Distance: 6.3km return to the Beach Road Car Park
Time frame: 2.5 hours… this was with a nice rest at the top and some geocaching too!
Grade: 4
Elevation: 185m above sea level

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The walking track starts at the southern end of Bennetts Beach.

We parked at the end of Beach Road and it is around a 1.5km walk along the beach to the start of the track.

The walking track to the beach.

Looking towards Mt Yacaaba from the start of the beach track.

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The track starts off around a short rocky section by the water and then begins to climb quite quickly before easing a little.

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Once you have walked around 1km you can continue to the summit which is another 500m and this section is very rocky and steep – but well worth the effort!

The view from the half way point – looking back towards Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens.

From this point on it goes straight UP to the summit!

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The views are nothing short of spectacular! On the way up you can see glimpses of the water through the trees. There is a viewing area around the 1km mark that looks back to Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest and beyond. Once at the top the view out to sea and of Seal Rocks and Mt Tomaree is stunning!!

Mt Tomaree

We really enjoyed this walk! Our kids (5 & 8 yrs old) did an amazing job with some really steep sections to climb. 

There was a geocache near the top too – so we logged another one!!  Caitlin had her little green bag of trinkets so we swapped some treasures 🙂

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If you enjoy hiking and are in the area, we highly recommend this walk!

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  1. Katie

    Wow! I can’t believe you made it with the children, however my hubby and I did all those sorts of walks when our children were young; (five children born within 7 years). We did every walk we could find in the Blue Mountains and holidaying always included bush walking where ever we went. We are now 60 ish and I found the walk too challenging to finish. We made it 3/4 of the way. I don’t think we were too far off the summit when my knees became shaky from the sheer height. My husband would have made it all the way had I not stopped him. We have just retired but I want to try again earlier in the day as we left for the walk after 3:30 pm. Any advice would be helpful.

    • lifeoutsidework

      Hi Katie!

      Yes we are very proud of our kiddies and what the can achieve, they are amazing!!

      The last section of Yacaaba is very steep and very tough!! We did start out first thing in the morning when we did it. The beach section to start probably doesn’t help either, walking in sand is hard work!!

      We suggest you start out early, that way time is on your side. Take as many breaks as you need. Remember that it doesnt matter how many breaks you have or how long it takes you, you still see the same view as everyone else when you get there!!!

      You will have such a sense of achievement when you get to the top! It’s s beautiful view… take it slow, early in the morning when it’s cooler and I reckon you’ll get to the top next time. (Maybe a packet of lollies to give you a boost every now and then too… helps our kiddies when the going gets tough 😉)

      Keep me posted! Would love to see a pic of you at the top…

      …Selina 🙂

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