MANN RIVER is the jackpot of free camps!! The scenery and surrounding countryside is beautiful, the river crystal clear, there is no phone service and you can have a roaring campfire – what more could you want!!


Mann River sits just to the east of the Gibraltar Range, approx 60kms west of Grafton in NSW.

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 Bush Camping
Plenty of space (particularly further up the river where we camped)
💦 on the River
💦 crystal clear water, great for swimming and kayaking
🔥 Fires allowed
🚫 No facilities 
🚫 No rubbish bins… take out what you take in!!


WikiCamps lists four campgrounds along the Mann River.

When you turn off the Gwydir Highway into Cangai Bridge Road you come to CANGAI BRIDGE campground first. This is around 3kms off the highway and is a large flat area on the river. It was chockers when we arrived (bearing in mind it was Easter Monday).

We decided to head further up the river towards the other campsites on WikiCamps (Broadwater Bridge & Floyd).  These campgrounds are around another 5kms along the dirt road.

There are a few bridge crossings and we ended up going across the third bridge at FLOYD CAMPGROUND and found a secluded spot across the river from everyone else.

This camping area further up from Cangai stretches for over a kilometre along the river so plenty of space to find a nice quiet spot!

There is a sign just after the turn off at the highway that says “no caravans” but we didn’t have a problem getting our van in and there were plenty of others in there too!

It’s a good gravel road in and the countryside was lush and green when we were there so made for a very pretty drive in.

Cangai Bridge

Cangai Bridge is the first campground you come to and is the closest to the highway.

Mann River – (Broadwater before bridge)

Just before you hit the second bridge, there is a small camping area on the river.

Mann River – Broadwater 

Continuing on over the second bridge will lead you to Broadwater Camping Area.  This area is large, grassy and sits on the banks of the river.

Mann River – Floyd

Floyd is a continuation of Broadwater Camping Area.  Much the same with a large grassy area, it just sits higher up on the bank but you can still access the river.

We camped over the third bridge, opposite Floyd Campground.  Access to the river was easier for the kids and it was quieter than the other side.

Check out the listings on WikiCamps!

We came back out to the Gwydir Highway via Coombadjha Road.  It is a little shorter and the road is wider and maintained as trucks are running up and back to a quarry further along the road.  

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It was just after the Easter long weekend and middle of the school holidays when we stayed at Mann River and although it was busy there was still plenty of space to set up camp.  I can imagine it would be a very peaceful place mid week!!


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