Fort O’Hare Campground | Dartmoor VIC

We based ourselves in Dartmoor for a few days to explore Mt Gambier and the surrounding areas.


📍 Greenham Street, Dartmoor VIC

Dartmoor is 30 minutes east of Mt Gambier (South Australia).

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▶️ Large grassy area 
▶️ Suitable for all size rigs
▶️ Pit Toilets
▶️ Fires allowed in designated pits only
▶️ No water or showers
▶️ You need to take your rubbish with you!!

The campground is on the Glenelg River and is suitable for swimming, it even has an area for little kids to swim!

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Dartmoor Tree Carvings

In the main part of town there are some amazing tree carvings to view. The carvings commemorate the lives of 60 servicemen and nurses from the Dartmoor area that served in WWI.

There are some more recent additions… a fairy tale character tree and many animal carvings line the road.

Check out the listing on WikiCamps or jump on their website for more info!

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