FOOD STORAGE TIPS & IDEAS for Caravanning & Camping!

With limited space to store food and sometimes no rubbish disposal when caravanning and camping, you need to think about what you pack before heading off. 

Here’s some tips and ideas around FOOD STORAGE that we use!

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Our #1 tip is – PLAN YOUR MEALS!! 

This decreases over packing!!  If you know what you are having for all of your meals, you know exactly what you need to buy at the supermarket and what you need to pack!


These are the best invention!!  We have a couple of different varieties for different types of food.

We don’t have many containers for food in the caravan, we just use these bag clips for everything!  Or the good old clothes peg is another handy alternative to a bag clip.


The containers we do have in the caravan are the collapsible type!  When not in use they fold away to practically nothing.


These wraps are fantastic!  Great for cheese, fruit, vegetables and saves having to discard the glad wrap or foil.

They work by simply wrapping your item then gently pressing the edges together and the warmth of your hands will seal it together.


Snap lock bags do come in handy as well!

Great for snacks on the go or left over food.


Another handy idea is to pre-mix dry ingredients before go. 

Things like pizza dough ingredients, damper mix, pancake batter.  Simply combine the dry ingredients in a snap lock bag and write down what it is on the label.  An extra tip:  write on the outside the quantity of water/oil/milk needed to finish it off. 

This has the added advantage of saving you time while away as it’s pretty much already done for you!


If you are heading away for a weekend you can measure out the required amount of something rather than taking the whole packet ie; 1 cup of rice rather than taking the whole kilo packet.

Remember, if you don’t eat it, you will only have to unpack it when you get home… so leave the extras at home in the first place!


If you are heading away to a campsite where you have to take out what you take in ie; no rubbish disposal.  A great tip is to take things out of their cardboard packaging and write on the packet what it is and then you only have one packaging item to bring home not two. 


On the caravan we have a spare wheel bag that we use as a garbage bag.  This is great when we are camping and there is no rubbish disposal.  We store our rubbish bag in here to bring home or until we have a proper place to dispose of it.  It has a zipper around the top which is handy to keep out those foraging animals at night time!

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