EAST COAST [Tasmania]

DAY 28-29

We were enroute further north with Wineglass Bay at the top of the sightseeing list.

We stayed at The Pondering Frog just south of Bicheno.  This campsite is adjacent to the The Pondering Frog Cafe and they simply ask for a donation for your stay.



We didn’t quite get the blue sky and sunshine we were hoping for to view Wineglass Bay but hey it wasn’t raining or windy so can’t complain!

This was a really pretty walk to the lookout! The rock formations on the way up are spectacular! It is a 3km return walk on a well maintained track.


The car park at Sleepy Bay leads down to a viewing platform. You can continue on further to another area at the water’s edge to see some pretty spectacular views of the ocean crashing onto the orange rocks!


The Cape Tourville Walk is a 600 metre circuit along the headland. Beautiful views out to the Tasman Sea and back towards Wineglass Bay.

DAY 30-31

On our journey further up the east coast, we stopped in at Scamander for two nights.  We stayed at Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park to primarily catch up on some washing!!  Once our chores were done we were free to do some exploring. 

We did the following short loop to St Marys and on the way found the Iron House Brewery.  We had a delicious lunch and while the kids were occupied and having fun in the play area we decided to have beer and wine tasting paddle and soak up the views!

DAY 32-33

We hit Bay of Fires and found a camp spot right on the beach!  Top spot with gorgeous ocean views and a track straight from the van to the beach!  We had seen so many pictures of this place and were keen to get a spot on the beach just like we did!  Check out more info and pics of Swimcart Beach here!

Other than a drive to Binalong Bay and St Helens, we just relaxed for our couple of days here.  It’s a great spot to chill out and enjoy the gorgeous white sand and we had some fun climbing over all the orange rocks up and down the beach.

DAY 34-35

After our relaxing couple of days at Bay of Fires we swapped our ocean views for river views!

We were now on our way towards Launceston and after winding our way through some hilly countryside we stopped at Derby for a couple of days.

We found a great FREE camp in the middle of town!  Check it out here!

Derby is very popular for mountain bike riding! You will find easy trails for the beginner right through to the hard-core crazy stuff! If you are up to tackling the tough tracks, you can even grab a ride in a shuttle bus to the top and just do the ride down.  The boys had some fun on the trails.


Be sure to stop for lunch at the THE HUB – PIZZA + BEER.  The wood fired pizza was amazing, service fantastic and very reasonably priced!

A short 15km west of Derby you will find the LEGERWOOD MEMORIAL CARVED TREES and it’s definitely worth a stop!

  • These trees were planted in 1918 to honour local fallen soldiers from WWI.
  • In 2001, the trees were reported to be unsafe and the community was on the verge of losing the memorial.
  • In 2004, a talented man by the name of Eddie Freeman, chainsaw carved these statues to enable the memories of the soldiers to live on.

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