Beef Stroganoff [CAMP OVEN RECIPE]

Cold winter nights are coming and this delicious BEEF STROGANOFF will keep you warm around the campfire at dinner time!! A very simple recipe with only a handful of ingredients needed and it's sure to be a family favourite!  If you don't have a camp oven, a pot on the stove will work just fine too. Grab the recipe below!


The smell of these lamb shanks bubbling away in the camp oven for a few hours will have your mouth watering! This is a quick and easy meal to prepare with only a few veggies to be diced up and the rest is up to the camp oven... and the chef that sorts out the hot coals!! Grab the recipe below and enjoy! Check out some more of our tried and tested recipes here!

SILKY BIGBOY HAND SAW [Product Recommendation]

I must admit when this turned up in the post I did roll my eyes and think ...oh another gadget!  But, I was actually really surprised at how good it worked, so had to take back my thoughts!! We have a chainsaw and always have it in the van and it does gets a lot of use, however, the Silky Bigboy comes in handy when you've got smaller wood to cut. WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? The Silky Bigboy is a folding hand saw. Suitable for cutting small wood for the fire pit or a great tool for those [Read more...]