Space is always something to be mindful of when caravanning and camping.

We started our camping days in a camper trailer so our space was VERY limited!

Since owning the caravan we haven’t added too many extra items to our camping stock but we certainly have a lot more storage space!

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There are so many different caravan layouts but hopefully some of these hints and tips can be adapted to your home on wheels.


This is a cheap magazine file from Kmart.  The foil, grad wrap and baking paper fits inside perfectly and it sits in the bottom of one of the cupboards.  The extra space at the end allows room for cooking oil.


When we first bought the van the coffee mugs were sitting in the cupboard on the shelf and when travelling they were always moving about.  We glued four old yoghurt containers (kids size) to a chopping board and the mugs fit over the top and no longer move about!  I know you can probably buy something much fancier but this works a treat!


The easiest storage solution we could find for our wine glasses was the original box they came in!  It may not look flash but it does the trick – they don’t hit against each other while travelling so no broken wine glasses!


These little guys come in handy – we use them to keep the pot holders on the back of one of our cupboard doors!


We have baskets/containers in most cupboards.  Whether it’s to store the salt and pepper, cleaning products or socks and jocks in the kids cupboards, they keep everything neat and tidy!


We have a combined toilet/shower in our van and originally there were no towel rails fitted. 

If you are on a travelling road trip there is nothing worse than having wet towels to deal with.  Our towels would sit on our dining room table and then they would have to be hung out to dry as soon as we arrived at our next destination. 

After a few trips away we needed to do something more practical so we installed four towel rails – two on either side of the bathroom door. 

They also come in handy as when the towels are hanging they block out the morning light that shines into the kid’s bunks.


Inside the cupboard door in the bathroom we have four toothbrush holders.  Being something we use everyday, it is handy to have them in such an easy spot for everyone to grab.

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We purchased this backseat caddy off Ebay as we were sick of having the backseat between the kids a mess!!  DVD’s are a perfect fit with space for their drink bottles too!  It was $32.95 delivered and keeps everything in its place – best thing we ever bought for the car!  (The brand is Diono – Car Travel Pal).


Once again, in an attempt to keep things in some sort of order in the car, this plastic cereal container with a plastic bag inside works as a great garbage bin.  We keep spare bags in the bottom and it’s just a matter of throwing the bag away when necessary!  


If you are heading to the beach and don’t want to wear your rings, necklaces or earrings in the water and don’t want to leave them in your car, try this tip! 

Pop them into an empty mint container and put them in your beach bag!  You will be able to find them easily and there is no risk of losing the small items in the sand if they accidentally fall out of your bag!

These are some of the things that help us stay organised with our space and storage when we are caravanning!

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