Camp Cobark

With only a few days left before school returned for 2017, we decided to head to Camp Cobark for a long weekend!


Camp Cobark is located on the Cobark River about 35 kms west of Gloucester, NSW. Cobark Station is a fully operational cattle station and is popular for camping and horse riding. They have 5kms of riverside camping available and toilet/shower facilities at the main campground.  

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  • Main campground (with amenities) – $20 per night
  • Riverside campground (no amenities) – $15 per night

** fees current at the time of this post

We arrived late afternoon on the Wednesday and were quite surprised at the lack of other campers so decided to stay in the main campground.  

The river was great for the kids (and adults).  A great way to cool off on a hot summers day! It is quite shallow and easy for the kids to splash around in and lots of rocks to climb around on. (I do recommend aqua shoes as the rocks are hard for little feet to walk on). The mini rapids kept them entertained as they floating down them on their boogie boards.  We had the added excitement of finding and catching some tadpoles. We now have little frogs emerging everywhere at home!!!!

Camp Cobark offers pony rides for $10 each so the kids were excited by this and had a ride on “Tinkerbell” and “Paddy”.

On the Friday we set off with a pub lunch in mind.  We weaved over Barrington Tops and into the lovely little town of Moonan Flat.  We stopped at the pub and had a beautiful lunch at the Red Dog Cafe & Restaurant.  Moonan Flat also has a campground in town  – Belmadar Park.  We walked over the swing bring to have a sticky beak.  Toilet and shower block available with lots of grassy sites along the riverbank – somewhere to come back to for a weekend!

On the way back to Camp Cobark we looped around through Barrington Tops State Forest and stopped in at Manning River Campground for a look and then back down to Thunderbolts Lookout to enjoy the views.

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