A Million Star Campsite in the Strzelecki Desert

When I hear the words “perfect campsite” I instantly think back to a beautiful spot we found along the Strzelecki Track.

We were travelling around the Outback and had stopped at Cameron Corner to check out the Corner Post!  The plan was to stay at Cameron Corner overnight and continue on to Innamincka the next day.  However, after lunch at the Corner Store and a sticky beak around it was still only just after one o’clock in the afternoon, so we decided to continue on. 

Corner Post

The Corner Store!

Cameron Corner to Innamincka is around 300 kms via the Strzelecki Track. 

We set out heading west from Cameron Corner following the Strzelecki Track.  The road was quite good, although it felt a little like we were on an outback roller coaster… up and over desert sands dunes for kilometres.   

As we drove further along the Strzelecki Track towards Innamincka the road became more and more corrugated.  At one point we were doing about 5 k/hr for about 15 kms as it was so rough.   

The conditions were slowing us up more than we had anticipated and the day was slipping away.  Without knowing how long the corrugations were going to last, we decided to look for somewhere to stay so we didn’t get stuck travelling into the night.  WikiCamps had a few campsites dotted along the Track and “Merty Merty” wasn’t too far ahead and had some good comments from other users.

The campsite is not signposted but you will see an open flat area on the right hand side of the road with a large sand dune behind.  There was one other camper right down one end and we decided that this would be a peaceful place to stop for the night.  You need to be fully self-sufficient to camp here as there are no facilities. 

The kids enjoyed running up and down the sand dunes time and time again… bit of a different colour to the ones back home 😉

It wasn’t too long before we had a campfire going, the kids were having fun making mud pies and our beef stroganoff was slowing bubbling away in the camp oven.

The night was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and a million stars put on a stunning show!  Stars in the outback are a truly beautiful sight.

Out of all the campsites we have been to, this is a favourite!

Have you found a perfect campsite on your travels around Australia?

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