WikiCamps – the essential camping app!


✅ We have WikiCamps and LOVE it!

⚠ We have heard of WikiCamps but don’t have it!

❓ We haven’t heard of WikiCamps!

If you are in either of the bottom two – you really need to check it out!

WikiCamps is our go to app when we are away in the van!

From caravan parks to campgrounds, tourist information centres to points of interest, this app has such a huge and useful database of information from locations all over Australia.


  • $7.99 – once off fee.
  • Available on Apple, Android and Windows.
  • Downloads on multiple devices.


From the main screen you can simply click on “View Map” and zoom in to your area of choice.

There are thousands and thousands of listings Australia wide!

As you zoom in further you will start to see icons popping up in that area.

If you click on an icon it will bring up a description of what is at that location. 

If you click on the “Site Details” tab it will open a detailed page on that item.

You can click on comments, prices and photos for information on the site.

You can narrow your search down by applying filters and only viewing site types and features that you are looking for. 

For example if you are only looking for campgrounds, you can hide all of the other site types and you will only see the campground icons on your map area. 

You can do the same thing with the site features.  If you have a dog you can tick the “dogs allowed” icon and it will only show you campgrounds where pets are allowed.

Other features on WikiCamps include – compass, trip planner, checklist and satellite finder.



Users are able to add comments, ratings and pictures to each location and by doing so you have up to date information at your fingertips!

We make sure we add comments on each location we have stayed at as it has been a very useful tool for us when travelling – we recommend you do this too!


We suggest downloading content offline.  This allows you to see comments and pictures when you don’t have phone reception.  This is particularly handy when travelling in remote areas.

You can do this by clicking on the “Offline Content” tab on the main screen then click on “Offline User Content”.  From here you just need to select the states you want and hit the download now button.

Check out WikiCamps for more info!

(** We are not affiliated with this product, we just use it and like it!)

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