MARIONS LOOKOUT – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain has 11 short walking tracks ranging from 20 minute circuits to 3 hour return walks, something for all levels of fitness.

Shuttle busses run from the Visitors Information Centre to five different locations between there and Dove Lake.  Dove Lake being the most popular for tourists as Cradle Mountain is in clear view from ground level.

We decided to do the Marions Lookout walk which is an 8km loop back to Dove Lake. 

The walk was quite hard in parts, with chains at the last section to assist you up, but the hard work was more than worth it with the breathtaking views at the top!  The kids did an amazing job and enjoyed the walk as much as us!

The best part, we had an amazing clear and warm day when we visited Cradle Mountain. 

Check out the Tas Parks & Wildlife Website for more information and maps.


We hopped off the shuttle bus at Ronny Creek car park and started our walk towards Marions Lookout.

The first section of this walk to Marions is actually the first part of the 82km Overland Track, which happens to be the steepest section of the track – so well done to our kids for being so awesome and making it the whole way up!

The track starts out along a flat boardwalk and then slowly climbs to Crater Falls, the Boat Shed and Crater Lake before hitting a junction. It provides some beautiful views along the way.




From the junction it is a steep climb to Marions Lookout – on one section there are chains to help you up!

Once at the top WOW!!! an amazing view of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. It’s stunning!!

After navigating our way back down the steep slope, we took the Wombat Pool Track back to Dove Lake and then a shuttle bus back to the Visitors Centre.

The walk to Marions Lookout at Cradle Mountain was one of the highlights of our whole Tasmanian trip!  It’s not for everyone, but if you are up for the challenge, we highly recommend it!

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  1. Janine

    I went to cradle mountain in my 20s back in the 90s and was ill prepared so only made it half way up marions look out before I realised the shoes I was wearing and lack of water was just silly. I am going to Tasmania again after nearly 30 years and hope to try again; but the weather is predicted rain so I’m praying for one sunny day

    • lifeoutsidework

      Hi Janine! We were really lucky and had a beautiful day when we did it! It’s absolutely stunning, one of our favourite walks we have done!!
      My fingers are crossed for a sunny day for you!
      Enjoy your trip, we are heading back at the end of the year for another 6 weeks to explore more of what we missed the first time. Happy Travelling …Selina 🙂

  2. danielle

    Hi 🙂 thanks for this advice, we are planning our honeymoon for january 🙂
    So just wondering – did you park at the cradle mountain information centre and then get the shuttle to Ronny Creek and then walk from there ?? (do you need to book a seat on the shuttle in advance?)

    thanks 🙂

    • lifeoutsidework

      Hi Danielle! Yes we did park at the info centre and jumped on the shuttle to Ronny Creek and walked from there. We came back via Dove Lake. No you don’t need to book a seat, they run frequently. Have a great time (and congrats) 🙂

  3. Shane J

    Thanks for this. We did the loop in late March 2019 from Ronny Creek going up via Dove Lake Circuit and Lilla Lake (and Wombat Pool), returned down via Crater Lake. It’s tough that part with the chain, but a after a rest we continued on and gee it is worth it. We had a great weather and the views are amazing
    A memorable part of our Tassie trip. thanks again

    • lifeoutsidework

      Thanks Shane!! Yes I agree, totally worth the effort, it’s a stunning view! The whole walk is just beautiful… definitely one of our favourites!

  4. Thanks so much for this post 🙂 We read did a couple of weeks ago before heading to Marions lookout but forgot to leave a comment. It was amazing. Nice weather, blue sky. We decided to continue to cradle mountain summit. 7 hours in total, waoouh exhausted but it was worth it. Your childrens are so brave, congrats to them. Mélaine & Adrien, french couple travelling all around australia.

    • lifeoutsidework

      Thanks Melaine and Adrien!! How lucky you had great weather for it! It certainly is a stunning a place to hike… well done on reaching the summit – awesome effort!!! 🙂 Enjoy your travels!

  5. Karen

    Thanks for this post. It has exactly the information/detail I was looking for as I plan a trip to Tassie with my kids later in the year. You’ve definitely inspired us to include Marion’s Lookout on our to-do list.

    • lifeoutsidework

      Thanks Karen! It is such a spectacular walk, you will all love it! Have a great time in Tassie – there is so much to see and do.

  6. Adeline

    Hi! It’s amazing to see that both of your kids made it to Marions Lookout. I am planning to bring my 2 boys in Nov to take up the challenge! Can I check what time did you reach Ronny Creek car park to start the walk? It will useful to know to plan my trip to Cradle Mountain.

    • lifeoutsidework

      Hi Adeline! Yes we were very proud of our kids, they did an amazing job! There’s some tough sections! It’s a beautiful walk, the views are stunning!!
      We caught a shuttle bus down and started the walk around 11am. We got to Marion’s Lookout just before 1pm but that was with a stop for lunch just before we started the last steep section. And we had a good amount of time at the top soaking in the views once we got there! We came back via Dove Lake and caught a shuttle bus back from there. We got back to Dove Lake by around 230pm. Enjoy your trip! This walk was one of the highlights of our trip!

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