CAVES BEACH – Sea Caves & Rock Pools

CAVES BEACH is a small coastal town just 30kms south of Newcastle in New South Wales. 

Caves Beach is a stunning stretch of coastline and a very popular spot to explore sea caves.

Access to the sea caves is at the southern end of the beach and low tide is the best time to visit. 

We parked in the car park just off Caves Beach Road, to the south of the Surf Club.  The lookout at the car park provides beautiful views of the caves and coastline.

There is a path from the car park that takes you down to the southern end of Caves Beach.  

Once on the beach you head towards the cliffs and sneak around the rocks.

You will see the entry to one of the caves and you can follow it through to the other side.  One path through is quite low and you need to crouch down, the other you can walk into standing up.

There are quite a few caves to explore and lots of rock pools to jump into. 

We had so much fun exploring the caves – check out our video to see it up close for yourself!!

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After exploring the caves we wandered further along the beach.  Around halfway along there are some rock formations and pools.  These were loads of fun to climb in between and on top of too.  We had to drag the kids away!!

This really was a great place to spend the morning – check out our video of the kids having a blast in the rock pools!

If you haven’t been down to Caves Beach, make sure you put it on your list of things to do  – you won’t be disappointed. 

For more ideas and activities in the area, check out our Weekend Adventures page!

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