Australian Wildlife

There is always plenty of wildlife to see when travelling around Australia whether you are on the coast or in the outback. 

It’s such a great experience, especially for kids, to see these beautiful animals up close!

Here’s a few we have seen on our travels.

Bearded Dragon in the Pilbara, WA

Dingo on Fraser Island, QLD

Dingo on Fraser Island, QLD

Emus in Outback NSW

Emus in the Outback

Kangaroo, Durras Beach, NSW

Goats at our campsite in Bollon, QLD

Geese at our campsite at Mungindi, QLD

Ducks with ducklings, Wye River, Great Ocean Road, VIC

Kookaburra, Turon Gates, NSW

Koalas, Kennett River, Great Ocean Road, VIC

Koalas, Kennett River, Great Ocean Road, VIC

Echidna, Kennett River, Great Ocean Road, VIC

Goanna, Kylies Beach, NSW

Goanna, Kylies Beach, NSW

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