Welcome to LIFE OUTSIDE WORK… a family blog about our travels and adventures around Australia!

We hook up the caravan and get away as much as possible to explore new places – we head to the beach, the bush and everywhere in between!

We don’t travel full time, we both have jobs and kids go to school BUT we are still seeing plenty of what this amazing country has to offer…. we just do it in smaller trips!  

A favourite quote… “we haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list”.  

We don’t want to just do the highway lap around oz.  We want more, we want to see it all – the small towns away from the coast, the outback, the roads less travelled!  

Although one day we will do a lap of oz and see the parts of the coast we are yet to explore, for now, we are enjoying this style of travel and seeing the diversity of this country!


IT’S ALL ABOUT …. adding lines to the map!!

There’s so many lines on the map!!!  So many places to go, so much to see!!!  We have a big Aussie map on our wall at home and we are colouring over the lines, one trip at a time!

Black lines indicate our travels so far!


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We are a family of four.  We live in Medowie, NSW (Australia) and have done for the last 8 years.  Prior to having our beautiful children we followed the mining game around and lived in North West WA and Central QLD.  

For us it’s about making memories, having fun and exploring this beautiful country – whether it’s a month long trip visiting new places or a trip to the beach on Saturday afternoon… it’s all about enjoying life and making the most of our time together!

So who’s who?

This is Big Sister, Caitlin, who is 8 years old!


This is little brother, Tyler, who is 5 years old!

This is Justin (Dad) and Selina (Mum)



We hope you enjoy our adventures and find some inspiration to get out there and see some of what our beautiful country has on offer!

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