Tent?  Swag?  Caravan?  Camper?  Doesn’t matter what you have – they all get you out there enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

I have so many reasons why you should love camping but I’ll share my top 8 to start with!


This, to us, is one of the most important things about camping!  With most people these days leading such a hectic schedule during the week, juggling work, school and sporting activities, it means we often lack time together as a family.  Camping allows you to spend quality time together without the distraction of homework, technology and housework.  And you have the added bonus of creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


Kids (and adults) read so much in books and watch many things on television about landmarks, animals, places but many rarely get the opportunity to see these things first hand.  Seeing things for yourself is an amazing experience – especially for the kids.  Children are little sponges, they take in so much when travelling and sightseeing.

We have been fortunate to see and do some amazing thing with our children so far.  We have camped alongside the Murray River, floated down the Murray and then been to the point where it meets the sea.  We have fossicked for opals in Lightning Ridge.  We have picked strawberries at the famous Beerenberg Strawberry Farm.  We have been to Burke & Wills’ Dig Tree.  We have taken a helicopter flight over the 12 Apostles.  Even just seeing an emu up close in the outback was an amazing experience for our kids.

On one of our trips to South Australia we ventured into the history of Burke & Wills and Charles Sturt’s Expeditions throughout Australia in the early years.  These subjects are not taught in school these days so we were very happy that our children could learn about some of Australia’s History on our travels around.

Climbing desert sand dunes…

Sturt’s Expedition

Sturt’s Boat, Tibooburra, NSW. This is a replica of the whaleboat Charles Sturt hauled across inland Australia on a wagon with the intention of using it to row around the continent’s ‘inland sea’.

Opal Mine in action.. White Cliffs, NSW

Specking… Lightning Ridge, NSW

Beerenberg – Strawberry Farm, South Australia! Picking our own…

The Mouth of the Murray! Goolwa, South Australia

Doesn’t get much better than this… nibbles around the campfire on the Strzelecki Track!


You can’t beat a good dose of fresh air and sunshine to make you feel relaxed.  With many hours stuck behind an office desk or in a classroom at school throughout the week, spending time outside is important for our health.  


The kids love to see kangaroos, goannas, koalas in their nature environment, to watch that funny looking bug that is crawling along the ground, or sitting around the campfire under the stars, catching a fish in the river, collecting sticks and stones, shells at the beach.. it’s never ending the things you can see and do when outdoors.

Beach Time!


Catching tadpoles

Making mud pies in the Outback!


When camping you tend to explore the surrounding area.  Whether that be a stroll around the town, a walk along the beach, a family game of footy or a bush walk or hike.  You are always more active when away from home.  

Climbing, climbing and some more climbing…

Admiring the view from the top of Mt Tomaree, NSW

Sight seeing by bikes in Thargomindah, QLD

Cape Otway Lighthouse, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Walking up to check out the old gold mine, Wedderburn, Victoria


Let’s face it, we all need to have a break from technology from time to time and disconnect a little!  Getting into the great outdoors is an opportunity to leave the technology at home. Kids need to be kids… they need to run, climb, swim, explore, get dirty… and adults benefit from this too!


Camping reduces stress!  You are away from your daily grind.  No chores, less routine… just time to relax and soak up the beauty of the outdoors.   


So what are you waiting for – GO CAMPING!!


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